The Tapula Vision

To preserve and strengthen the Tapula family spirit in every member both locally and internationally.

The term “spirit” denotes and incorporates the values and attributes lived by Tapu and Lasela within the community of Tuvalu. Their lives now serve as models for the Tapula family. The obvious ones include: love, caring, fair and just, forgiving, honesty, hard work, giving, and respect.

Tapula Family Mission

To promote cohesion in the Tapula family at the local level through planned social gatherings and monthly meetings. To encourage participation of every member in socio-economic activities that are conducive to improved social wellbeing and sustainable economic development which in turn enhance their quality of life and perpetual prosperity.

To encourage, promote and organise Tapula International Reunions (TIR) every three years to provide an opportunity for every Tapula member from all over the world to come together for a specified number of days for the purpose of strengthening family bonds and getting to know each other better. The next reunion being scheduled for November/December 2012 at Funafuti, Tuvalu.

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