On 6th April 2008 the Tapula family was incorporated as a Trust under the Trust Act 1957 of New Zealand. This initiative was taken to make Tapula as a legal entity.  Hence Tapula became eligible to apply for development funds from the government to assist in funding its services and programmes primarily to members of the family and secondarily to the community at large. The Trust focuses on two major pillars of development: education and health.  These two social issues are critical areas of development for Pacific and Maori populations due to the poor performances of these two ethnic groups in those areas. Hence Tapula Trust in its strive to deliver effective programmes to the community it serves is mindful of these critical areas.  Programmes are therefore designed in alignment with the expressed needs identified by the government.

Whatever programme or service is carried out by Tapula Trust it is guided by the principles and provisions stipulated in the Trust Deed or Constitution that has been adopted by the (fono) assembly. The contents of the Trust Deed or Constitution are in compliance with the provisions of the Charitable Trust Act 1957 of New Zealand. Hence compliance with the Constitution is statutory and compulsory to ensure the fulfillment of legal obligations vested on the Trust.

Tapula Trust encourages the teaching of Tuvalu cultural values and protocol practices to its younger members to ensure the preservation and retention of such values and practices. Tapula is also committed and determined to assist its members and other Pacific islanders to take hold of employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors. The ultimate aim is to ensure that all members obtain maximum benefits from the services offered to improve their livelihoods in New Zealand and live a quality lifestyle.


Membership of Tapula is defined under Section 7 of the Tapula Constitution as “being a direct descendant of Tapumania and Lasela through their children; or being married into a direct descendant of Tapumanaia and Lasela; or being associated with Tapumanaia and Lasela and has become through that association known as a relative of Tapumanaia and Lasela or paying a foundational membership fee of $100.

For further inquiries about the Tapula Trust or information on how to get started to become a member of the Tapula Trust fill in the contact form below and one of our members will assist you fast.


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